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We believe in the power of every person. We don’t rest on our strengths—we stretch them. Sweat them. Combine them. Growing flexible, nimble and strong minds.

That’s how we do big things.

Arts, Humanities & Education

  • Only in Nebraska: Carson Center

    Nebraska’s Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts earned HP/Educause designation, putting UNL in the company of MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth.

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  • Only in Nebraska: Susan Sheridan

    Nebraska's Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools has made a positive impact on 50,000 students and 500 schools across the U.S.

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  • Nebraska Leads Early Childhood Education

    The University of Nebraska transforms the lives of young children with nation-leading research and practice in early childhood education.

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  • Nebraska Gives Voice to American History

    Nebraska brings American history and literature to life, ranking 17th in National Endowment for the Humanities funding over the past decade.

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Business, Journalism & Law

  • Nebraska Leads Space Law

    Through its space, cyber and telecommunications law program, the University of Nebraska leads the race to develop laws and manage conflict in space.

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  • Nebraska Leads Drone Journalism

    Drones are changing journalism and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is in the forefront with a first of-its-kind academic program in drone journalism.

    Meet Matt Waite

  • Nebraska Leads Computer Science and Business Education

    Nebraska's Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management creates world-class innovators.

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  • Nebraska Stretches Students' Strengths

    The Clifton Strengths Institute at Nebraska empowers students to discover what they naturally do best with the same tools used by most Fortune 100 companies.

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Engineering & Physics

  • Nebraska's Leading Laser Research

    Nebraska physicists created the brightest laser light in the history of the world, with the power to revolutionize X-rays for medical and national defense purposes.

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  • Nebraska Leads Defense Research

    The University of Nebraska partners with the Pentagon to combat some of the world's most serious threats.

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  • Nebraska Engineering Expanding With Kiewit

    A gift from Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc., one of America’s largest and most respected construction and engineering firms, is propelling forward Nebraska's new $85 million engineering building.

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Food & Environment

  • Nebraska Leads Biosecurity Research

    The University of Nebraska's new collaborative biosecurity lab is leading research to safeguard America's food supply.

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  • Nebraska Leads Fire Drone Development

    University of Nebraska researchers build drones to aid in agriculture and wildfire fighting.

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  • Nebraska Leads Water for Food Research

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is addressing the challenge of feeding massive population growth while using less water for food production and adapting to the changing climate.

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  • Nebraska Is Leading the Largest Supercell Storm Study of It’s Kind

    The Nebraska-led TORUS project is using drones, mobile radar systems and P3 hurricane hunter aircraft to study severe weather, improve forecasting and save lives.

    Follow our storm-tracking work

Health & Biomedical

  • Nebraska Leads Food for Health Research

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is discovering new ways food can improve health.

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  • Nebraska Is Improving Surgical Care

    Nebraska is engineering the future of surgical care with broken bone-mending pins that dissolve and robots that perform surgery inside the body.

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  • Nebraska's Critical Virology Research

    Nebraska scientists were the first to identify a vaccine that could defend against Zika without producing antibodies.

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